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Please enjoy a few of my favorite selections:



Oh, if only I could stay,
and watch my child as she plays.
To be a fly upon her wall
seeing her; nothing else at all.
For I know that soon will come
the day when all her playing's done.
But now, in my room so quiet,
I listen to her joyful riot.
Not to intrude, or ruin her fun.
My time is when her playing's done.
My heart, though, would be full today,
if I could watch her as she plays.

January 13, 1996

"The Enchanted Room"

Far up in the tower, is a room known just to me.
It's where I go for solace, and to think of what will be.
It's where I go to express my creativity,
and wonder about life with much sincerity.
Does anyone else use this room, I wonder,
to do what I do here?
Or do they merely sit in it,
and enjoy the atmosphere?
When I go back to the real world,
I leave my thoughts within the walls.
They are there to greet me when I return,
and for them I will never fall.
I am certain that this room, my one and only place,
surely must be enchanted, for I can even see the face
of my soul.
There are many doors in here,
I wonder what they hide.
You may say, "Then, just open them!",
but believe me, I have tried.
This room is much like me;
it has its own secrets it hides
behind those locked doors,
as do I.

December 1, 1991

"The Forest Time Forgot"

The trees stood tall, proud,

against an advancing world.

Trees that held mysteries

that could not be unfurled.

The breeze, whisper soft,

floated through the branches.

Leaves of every shape and size

floated to the forest floor.

"'Tis the forest time forgot!"

the locals would all say.

For it stayed as it would always be

forever and a day.

Legend says King Arthur followed

Noah through this wood.

What a sight that would have been!

Oh, if I only could!

Have been there, like the bark itself,

watching, observing all.

Thinking of myself as being impervious

to fall.

But someday, fall I would,

to man's axe and his dozers,

to make of me a sheet of scroll

or a chew toy for old Rover.

And so there goes the forest

that all of time forgot.

It seems so right to think that,

of course, man would not.