Friday, July 10, 2015

A Different Direction

You know how it is. Just when you find your groove and get to a point where you can really make some progress on a project, life throws you a curve.

But, really, we all know life is *all* about dealing with the curves. Life is all about Plan B.

As most of you know, Bryan lost his job at the end of April. I also went through two pretty major sicknesses while he was job hunting, which I attribute to stress. It took me a while to get my head on straight, pull up my big girl panties, and just start dealing with stuff. I'm not going to bore you with the mess I was in, because that's over now. But I've had to make some tough choices that affect you, my readers.

Tough choice number one: I have to prioritize working outside the home right now. Not forever, but for a while. Bryan has struggled to find gainful employment--any employment, really--and that's been hard for him. He's looking at changing careers, getting out of the truck for good, and going into nursing. What type, exactly, he's not certain of. But I'm behind him. I'm always behind him. And if that means I have to work for a while, then so be it. This is a partnership, after all. To me that means I do what he can't, and he does what I can't. We complement one another, making our marriage run like a finely tuned machine.

Tough choice number two: Writing has to take a back seat again. It may be relegated to the trunk for a while, to be completely honest. NO, I'm not happy about this. Not even relieved. Not remotely. Writing is one of those industries that you have to keep a toe in at all times or you fall hopelessly behind. I will be writing, working on projects, but my progress will be considerably slower. It could take me a year or more to finish my next book. That makes me super sad. I've really enjoyed the momentum I've been able to carry from the end of 2014 all the way into July of 2015. It's been great. But the family has other needs, too, needs that writing and publishing can't meet. And I'm all about family.

The good news, for you, is that I'm going out strong. Birthright, though not picked up by Kindle Press, will still be available to readers before the end of this month. And, in August 2015, I will release City of Light. This is a faith-based high fantasy novel with demons, black unicorns (know how those are made? I do), servants of darkness, and people of Light. I'm completely in love with this story, and I just know fans of my Peasant Queen series will love this book, too.

I've given you a peek of this cover before, when I was certain I'd be able to release the book (a few years ago). So here you go:
Completing this book makes me all shades of happy, so it's a very good thing for me--and for you--that I'm going to be releasing it next month.

In a nutshell, that's what's going on. Check back periodically for updates, so you don't miss out on anything exciting--like when I offer Birthright FREE to thank everyone who voted for it during the Kindle Scout campaign.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Almost There!

We're almost done with Birthright's month-long publishing campaign over at Kindle Scout. If you haven't had a chance to read the excerpt and nominate it, then CLICK HERE before July 3rd ends. We've spent the better part of the month "hot and trending"--which always sounds good--and I'm alternately hopeful and terrified that Kindle Press is considering picking up the publishing rights.

Writers are strange people, no?


I try hard to be practical, and not worry overly about Birthright's status or chances at publication. After all, if Kindle Press doesn't pick up Verity's story I still believe in it. I'll still self publish, like with my other books. On the other hand, having access to Amazon's international distribution, audiobook options, and special promotions is all incredibly alluring.

Which, I suppose, is why I put Birthright up there in the first place.

I've also linked the publishing campaign to my Go Fund Me page, specifically because if Kindle Press chooses to publish Birthright they will give me a $1500 advance. Since Bryan's been unemployed for over 2 months now, and my editing and cover design fees aren't the only expenses racking up, I'm sure you can imagine what a boon it would be for my family to get that advance. So, in it's way, a nomination is like a donation to my Go Fund Me campaign, too. (We're both working part time and still applying for full time positions like crazy, but it's taken much longer than we'd expected)

I promise that as soon as I hear one way or the other from Kindle Press, I'll post here, on Go Fund Me, on FB, and on Twitter, and let everyone know what happened. I'm really, quite humbled by all the love and support that's been shown. Birthright has had a steady stream of interest directed its way, and I know that's all due to your support. Thank you, so much. Sure, it's a strong, entertaining story, but even the best books can go unnoticed. So, thank you.