About Me

The short: Cheri Chesley believes in miracles. When not writing she can be found reading the dictionary for fun or improving her photography. She lives with her husband and numerous children in Waurika, OK.

The long: Cheri Chesley grew up in Phoenix, Arizona with her mother and four older brothers. She discovered her love of writing at a young age, but didn’t consider it as a career choice until high school. Writing a novel in a year and ten months can do that to a person.

After marrying Bryan, her sweetheart, and becoming a stepmom to his then four-year-old daughter, Bryana, they moved to Oklahoma where they tried the quiet life and had three sons in four years. She didn’t do a lot of writing during this time, but the urge never left her completely. In 2000, the family moved to Utah, where they had two daughters—one in 2001 and one in 2004. In 2011 they moved the family back to Oklahoma, where they currently reside.

In 2006, Cheri rediscovered her passion for writing and decided to start taking herself and her constantly speaking characters seriously. She enjoys the continued support of her husband and family, including extended family, across the nation. And she could never have gotten this far without a little help from her friends, too.

In August 2011 Cheri and her family moved back to Oklahoma, where she got a house for her birthday. :) A bit of a fixer-upper, but it's a home.

What Cheri’s kids say about her:

Mommy is a great author. Her book makes me feel happy. It makes everey body feel happy. She’s a great cook and she is funny when she wants to be. ~K, age 8

Mommy is a amasinge author. I know she only rote one book. But she is still a amasing author and she is very antellijent. ~R, age 6

Mommy is the most intelligent person I know. She is an author so far. Mommy has wrote a story called The Peasant Queen. Mommy also runs a daycare. She is good at it. I’m not surprised. She’s been taking care of five or six kids, including me. ~J, age 11

My mom is the best for 3 of many reasons:
1. She cooks the best beef stroganoff.
2. She listens to my problems.
3. She is an excellent author.

~B, age 12

My mother is a very intelligent person. She can do almost anything with nothing. She is an awsome writer because she’s written a story for me before. These are true statements said by me. ~D, age 11

**Author’s Disclaimer: These statements are the true and unaltered opinions of my children. The fact that, on the day these were written, I’d taken them to the pool, gone down the water slide and fed them pizza for lunch in no way influenced them.