Eeryan World Tales

**Map to Come**

Here's a glimpse of the back room of storytelling, the place where the piles of skeletons hide. Here you find broken stories, unused words, and back story of characters. A writer can easily write three times what readers find in the finished, published novel.

For instance, I bet you didn't know that the kingdoms in The Peasant Queen series were part of a whole world that I developed in my head and put to paper in my late teens. I know (and am still learning, as I expand the world) the history of the Desert Land of the Three Kings, and the origins of the Wild Northern Tribes--one of which lay waste to Roweena's home in The Wild Queen. I know the histories of the kingdoms of Peldon and Yenside, and the bitter war that has raged between the inhabitants of Bascon and the pirates of the sea for centuries.

In the years to come I plan to share many of these stories with my readers as I expand on what you know of the world of Eeryan (pronounced eer-an, like eerie). I want you to see, as I do, the struggles of this fictional place, and the triumphs as well. And maybe, if the characters keep nudging me, I'll introduce you to the lands across the sea. ;)

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