Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting back on track

If you've been reading, then you've noticed my blogs of late haven't had much to do with writing. I'm going to rectify that, but first I wanted to drop a short blog that again has nothing to do with writing--unless you count that even authors have to eat.

In decades past, sit down restaurants were places families or couples went to have a nice meal they didn't have to cook. Then came the fast food craze, where pre-prepared and packaged food was sold for convenience--you could get a fast meal for your hungry family without having to cook: the best of both worlds. Consumers got tired of the lukewarm, unappetizing food that sat for hours under heat lamps, and fast food chains listened. They offered fresh, have it your way, cooked when you order it food and consumers gobbled it up. (if you debate this, go for a nice walk and look at waistlines)

I recently went to a "sit down" restaurant with my youngest daughter, killing time while my husband was at a clinic in SLC. I was floored to read their advertisement of "ready before you even order it" food, and the paradox hit me. Seriously, now we go to fast food restaurants for made to order food and sit down restaurants for pre-made food? When did this happen? I'm so confused.

In fact, I'm so confused I'm going to make dinner at home for a while. It's easier on the budget anyway.

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