Monday, June 22, 2009

That's enough, Gregory!

Why is it, of all my characters, it's the bad guy talking in my head day and night? Be quiet, Gregory. My hubby is back to working weekends, and Saturday night I went to sleep after reading a great book and dreamed, YES, dreamed about my characters. See, months ago when I came up with a fabulous twist for the end of my book my villain must have thought he had come out on top. But when my readers get their romantic ending at last, he felt cheated. (let's leave the why's and how's a character feels anything to my therapist, shall we?) Stop it, Gregory.

Anyway, after I completed my draft I started hearing very regularly from my bad guy. And he was ticked. I finally promised him his own "happy ending" so he'd leave me alone. Well, apparently, I took too long.

I've written 10,000 words in 2 days. Sunday I woke up and he was screaming in my ear. But I had church, including a primary lesson, then kids and family and all that fun stuff. But he didn't stop. So I stayed up too late last night to write, finally giving up when I started falling asleep in my chair.

I'm doing it again tonight, except this time I'm wrapping the story up. And I'm sensing the silence! I know it's coming.

Give it a rest, already! You got the girl; you got everything you wanted. I even gave you a quiet death surrounded by your wife and four children! And all that stuff you griped about happening won't happen until you're already dead, so SHUT UP GREGORY!!!

It's an awful lot of angst to put a writer through for a piece that no one else will ever read.

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