Sunday, August 2, 2009

I wanna be an author!!

Ok so I'm stubborn. And independent. And kind of a loner, despite being surrounded by people almost constantly. My spelling is excellent, my grammar clean--but I don't use enough commas and don't apologize for it. I think commas are overused and hate having to pause a hundred times in a sentence just to get through the thought.

Conformity challenges me. I was never taught to stand out and in fact have no desire to, yet I resist blending in. I have no intention of being like everyone else. When I'm told something has to be a certain way, my knee-jerk response is, why? What's wrong with a little deviation, to add variety and color to this concept?

I have many talents, but all of them are creativity based. I don't sew like normal people; I piece together from existing patterns something I see in my head and sew it to my own specs. I steer well clear of scrapbooking; I know I would get lost in that world. I do love to take pictures. If I had any musical talent there would be creating there, too.

Really, though, the other things I do to satisfy the urge to create are merely substitutes for the deep-seated need to write. My mind works independently of my body. If only I could type as fast as I think. But then that would likely bring down a whole new set of problems.

The reality of it is that I barely have time in my day to write anything. The day care babies take opposing naps, so that someone is always awake and needing attention. I keep trying to become a morning person, but so far that's been a wasted effort. People say if something is important enough then you'll make time for it. But what's that saying? You can't squeeze water from a turnip or something?

I do have to admire the eternal optimism of my children, though. 5 kids who still don't know how to swim are in there right now trying to make their own goggles and snorkels to take to the lake. Why? They'll never get in deeper than their knees.

I could use some of that optimism.


Heather Moore said...

Yes, optimism is always good! Thanks for commenting on my blog ;)

Cheri Chesley said...

right back at you, Heather!