Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jumping in with Both Feet

I've just recovered from a severe case of not seeing the forest for the trees. And it was a bad one. (dang. I just stopped typing to listen to my girls eat lunch and got another story idea)

Here's the thing: I have let finalizing and polishing my book for printing through WriteWise blind me to the big picture--placing the book with a publisher. I've let opportunities slip by because I forgot part of my contract includes their acting as a liaison or agent on my behalf to PLACE THE BOOK. Good grief; that's a huge forest to lose sight of.

This point was brought home to me Thursday when I attended UVU's Book Academy for Readers and Writers. Fantastic stuff. I wish they had it monthly. My WriteWise Book Producer, Karen, was on the panel of publishers for our open Q&A and she spoke about our cookbook author Nancy Miles. She's fantastic at self marketing and has taken local Costco stores by storm. (I mean it--at her last book signing she sold 60 copies!!!)

Oops. Seriously. I've been trying to clean something else up to submit to the local publishers in Utah when all along I already had something to send them.

So here I go. Jumping in with both feet. I'm sending out submission packets this week.

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