Saturday, February 6, 2010

AuthorPalooza is a Good Thing

What a difference a day makes!

I had planned to go to the WriteWise Book Camp this weekend with my fellow authors and WW peeps, but my plans fell through--and then my alternate plan fell through. So by last night I was pretty dang bummed. That is, until I got on FaceBook and checked up on my friends.

Heather Justesen posted about AuthorPalooza going on this afternoon at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Sandy from 1-4pm and I thought, what the heck. I was all set to talk books and rub shoulders with other authors this weekend anyway, and AuthorPalooza was hosting over 30 published authors. Wow. And again. 30 published authors in one store. WOW.

Not only did I get to see Heather again (whose book I already own and read), but I got to see James Dashner again, Jessica Day George, Nichole Giles, Cindy Beck, Terri Ferran, Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen, Ann Cannon, Carol Lynch Williams, Lisa Mangum, Emily Smith, Sydney Salter and Nathan Hale.

Nathan is a lot of fun. He kept our crowd at the Purple Cow entertained (see past blogs) for a while when the rest of the authors ::coughs:: Dean and Shannon Hale were late. I hoped he'd have some of his picture books out for sale--the family had a ton of fun with The Devil You Know, but alas, all he had was what we'd already purchased. Ah well. It was still great to say hi chat for a bit. Sydney Salter I've also seen before, though I'm sure she doesn't remember. She was with a few other authors at The Purple Cow early last year. I've wanted her book, My Big Nose and other Natural Disasters, ever since--and now I have a signed copy.

I'd ordered a ton of James Dashner books just before finding out about the signing, so I only picked up The Maze Runner today. Had it signed to my son, because I'm cool like that.

The girls raided the Jessica Day George table. Jessica and I shared a stage at the Grantsville Jr High's author days last year. This happened a lot today. I'd get that, "You look really familiar" look from about 90% of the authors I approached. Yes, I'd say--I've been around a lot.

It's a good thing authors like to see people return again and again, otherwise I might be looked upon as a stalker. Yes, I drove 40 miles to blow my income for the month (don't get excited, I only make about $100/mo) and meet my friends and authors and get said books signed. Yes, I do this a couple of times a year because I find Utah to be culturally good to authors and I like to support that--seeing as I hope to be one of them someday.

I also picked up Austenland by Shannon Hale and a couple of Julie Wright books--even though they weren't in attendance.

Look for my upcoming reviews of the treasures I've acquired at this blog or you can find me on

Now, if you don't mind, there are several books calling my name...


Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

Authorpalooza was a GREAT event. I was really psyched. Thanks for coming to see me/us!

Tristi Pinkston said...

With all those great books, I'm rather amazed you took time to blog! That's dedication!

Cheri Chesley said...

I've got followers now :)
But I did read Missing while my hubby watched the Super Bowl lol

Cindy Beck, author said...

Cheri: It was so fun to see you. Thanks for stopping by to say hi! (I was glad we got to meet each other in person, finally. :)