Monday, March 8, 2010

BIG Contest Coming Up! Get your say in NOW!

What happens when two authors with the same last name get together and plan a contest? Well, my friends, you're about to find out!

Check out my sis-in-law's blog HERE for further information. In the next week, we're going to launch an all out Spring into Reading giveaway, and we want your input. We will be offering a First, Second, and Third prize to three names drawn through There will be entries given for joining our blogs, friending us on FB, and re-posting about the contest on your blog or FB. So, here's where you come in:

Post a comment on this blog, or Mel's, saying what you would most like to win. Is there a gift card to a certain place that really calls your name? Or a book that you REALLY want to buy? Or whatever else strikes your fancy. Let us know by this weekend, and we'll collaborate and open our contest up next week.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Cheri! No one has entered your contest? I would LOVE a gift card to Hastings or Barnes and Noble. I'm sorry I didn't come here any time sooner. I've joined your sister's blog and even shouted her blog out on FB since it seems lonely. :(

Thank you for following my blog!