Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Review: Women of the Book of Mormon by Heather B. Moore

Review disclaimer: Sometimes I receive free books to review. This in no way influences my opinion of the books I review.

When I am asked to review a book, I studiously avoid all other reviews of that book until I have put my own review together. This has been no exception. I don’t want my opinion influenced by that of others.

Women of the Book of Mormon is the kind of book I would like to see in every LDS home in the world. What a delightful, insightful look into the quiet lives of the women we rarely hear about.

Heather B. Moore continues to impress me with her painstaking research into Mesoamerican cultures and their practices. She has a definitive skill for bringing ancient people to life, simultaneously making them real and sympathetic to her readers.

This book brought to life women I had never deeply contemplated. When I read about Abraham taking his son Isaac up the mountain to sacrifice, I don’t think about Sarah—waiting at home to hear the fate of her precious, only son. When I read about Mormon and his son, Moroni, I don’t consider his wife, who remained at home while he went to battle. Moroni was in large part shaped by this brave woman, his sole parental influence for much of his childhood.

I adore Women of the Book of Mormon for shedding light on these often overlooked women. What a brilliant, inspired idea! Thank you, Heather, for putting this wonderful book together.

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I enjoy reading what people think of published books, this was no exception. Avery good read,

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Heather Moore said...

Cheri, thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

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