Monday, April 26, 2010

V is for...

Voltimande. This pic is Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wilt Chamberlain from Conan the Destroyer. Sure, the setting of my book is different and, because of that, Voltimande would be wearing more clothes, but this is the best the internet could do for me.

Not many people would dedicate an entire blog post to a minor character. Or a secondary character. No one can call someone as large as Voltimande a minor character. In The Peasant Queen, Krystal first meets Voltimande accidentally. He is a guard in Gregory's castle. But, as it turns out, there is more to Voltimande than there seems to be.

This is Michael Clarke Duncan (left) from The Scorpion King. He's another Voltimande contender.

Voltie (sorry, couldn't resist) is the only son of the palace healer, Gerta. She's a wise woman, and probably the only woman Gregory actually respects--because her skill and experience cannot be replaced. I describe Voltimande as the largest, darkest man Krystal has ever seen. Truth is he towers over everyone, but as a background character. He does come to Krystal's rescue at a certain, crucial moment--but then she turns around and rescues him right back. There's that spunk again.

I adore Voltimande. He plays pretty heavily in the third book, mainly because I just think he's the coolest character I've created--primary characters not included, of course. He's brave, courageous, noble--and is happy in his place. He has no ambition to be the king of the universe (for once). And he becomes a vital member of the castle's family.

My favorite scene is in The Tyrant King, when Krystal finally makes good her threat and throws up all over Voltimande's boots. :)



I was most interested in your post as I am not aware of the film you were writing about.
I don't go to the cinema much so unless it's on TV I don't get to see it.

Enjoyed the read.
Have a lovely day.

Raquel Byrnes said...

Wow, Krystal sounds like quite a handful. I think its great that you post pics of what reminds you of your characters. I should try that.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Maybe Voltie needs his own story one day?

Mel Chesley said...

Yes! I agree with Alex. :D Give Voltie his own story. That'd be fun. I still have trouble trying to figure out what my characters look like. I've got some pinpointed, but not all.

Cheri Chesley said...

It's totally funny because I read Alex's post, and since I know where I end Voltie's story, I immediately started thinking of possibilities and stuff. I may have spun him off already lol

Unknown said...

I'm picturing Shaq as Voltie. He's acted before--well, he's been in movies, let's put it that way. ;-)