Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Review: Loyalty's Web by Joyce DiPastena

This isn't a new release or anything, but I wanted to share my opinion.

I admit it, I'm a total sap for the time of knights, ladies, warriors, kings, lords and castles. But with that in mind, it took me a little while after buying this book to actually start reading it.

That's okay, because from that moment I was hooked. I even stayed up past my bedtime to finish it. I just had to know what Clothilde's mother had done to her. And she's not even the main character.

I sympathize with a younger sister who is constantly compared to the beauty of her older sister. It's been done in other books I've read, but I found the harshness of the mother's treatment of her younger daughter, Helene, believable. She (the mother) has a valid point. Without a large dowry, her daughter has nothing but her appearance and ladylike accomplishments to snag a husband.

The cool thing about Loyalty's Web is you can tell by reading it the author has done her research of the era. So much rang familiar from my own research. And it's not far fetched that a mother, knowing the harshness of their world and lack of options, would beat or torture a reluctant daughter to get her to agree to a marriage. It's sad, but factual.

Now on to the meat of the story. Forbidden romance, several near death experiences and a truly evil enemy--Loyalty's Web has it all. If you love romantic stories that are not grossly explicit, you definitely want to check it out.

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Joyce DiPastena said...

Thank you so much for this awesome review, Cheri! I'm so glad that you enjoyed "Loyalty's Web"! :-)