Friday, October 1, 2010

Does this sound Familiar?

Last night, exhausted and overly reflective perhaps, I got to thinking. Have you ever thought how much the author network of Utah resembles Hollywood?

We have our superstars--our big screen draws--if you will. These are the ones who have written books that appeal to the large, national audience. They're our Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies. (ahem--Brandon Mull, Shannon Hale, James Dashner)

We have our "small screen" authors--those who do very well in the smaller venue of LDS literature and seem content to carve out their niche and stay there. (Anita Stansfield)

Then we have our Broadway stars--those who have national appeal but remain in a smaller venue, in a smaller realm of influence.

And last, we have those like me--the starlets, ready to break out into our first starring role and see where it takes us.

In this reflection, I find myself thoroughly pleased we don't have the worry of Hollywood gossip. I love that private lives stay private and separate from our writing lives. That is the mark of true professionalism.


Valerie Ipson said...

Wouldn't the gossip be hilarious, though. Psst...did you know she didn't do her visiting teaching till the last day of the month...

Melissa Cunningham said...

Loved this blog. I vote to be Angelina! LOL I'd like her paycheck too, please! I've got a pic of you on my blog. Come see.

Michael Knudsen said...

sometimes I feel like the water boy...but we're about to move up a level with the publication of our first books! How did your proofing go? I finished mine Saturday night and ended up with 4 pages of corrections, but nothing major. I was glad to see that my editor didn't feel necessary to do any major re-writing. I hope it's as good as it's going to get!

Unknown said...

Hey, Starlette. It was great getting to know you at the Book Academy. I'm excited for you and think your cover looks great. Love the castle photo but the rippled background for text is a little hard on the eyes. JMO. Hope you'll come follow my blog at renaeswritespot and the rest is the same.

Jenn Adams said...

And here I am, waiting tables and looking for my first walk-in role on a kibble commercial. :o)

ROFL at Valerie's comment. (And by the way, I saw her at church on Sunday, and her skirt was so short, you could almost see her entire kneecap!)