Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneek Peek at my Full Cover!

I have been sadly remiss in sharing this with you. A week or so ago, I received the full cover for my book, THE PEASANT QUEEN. Here it is:

This is not the best image, but hopefully you can read it. The copy came to me as a .pdf file, which won't upload as an image to FB or blogger.

Here is a close up of the back cover blurb:

I think it's beautiful :)


Eric W. Trant said...

Funny that they chose purple. I met an author last week at a signing and she said that her book was purple because:

1) It would appeal to the Twighlight crowd
2) Purple wasn't on the shelf

Was that a consideration?

- Eric

Cheri Chesley said...

Actually I have no idea. The original cover had a heavy purple theme, at my request, because each book of the trilogy has a different color theme (blue, purple, red). I just figured they were going with the "royal" color, since purple had a historical connection to royalty. :)

Pendragon said...

SO PRetty!!!! :) This is so cool Cheri! man, i remember reading some of this book in the crit group forever ago it seems. Now look at it! This is cool and inspiring :)

Heather B. Moore said...

Very nice color! For those history nerds (like me) purple is a royal color because royalty were the only ones who could AFFORD it (the purple dye would come from the vein of a shellfish, so it would take hundreds, even thousands to create enough dye for a robe--which of course only royalty could afford that many shellfish). Okay, it's early in the morning and I'll be laughing at myself for posting this soon . . .

JEFritz said...

Beautiful. It sparkles without overdoing it and definitely catches the eye. If I walked by it in the store, I would pick it up for a peek.

Michael Knudsen said...

Gorgeous cover, looks really good!

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