Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keep Moving Forward

Well, I did it! I mailed the complete submission packet for The Tyrant King to the publisher this morning. Now, it's up to them.

So I'm moving on, too. A really great friend of mine, who happens to be a GENIUS artist, Deirdra saved me yesterday. Check out the cover she came up with for one of my new ebooks.

My version, my own, pathetic attempt, involved what was supposed to be a tattered wedding veil on black velvet with blood splatters. I won't subject you to the pain of viewing it. Thank you, Deirdra, for being so brilliant!

As I sit in my post-submission euphoria, I'm eager to tackle the next projects: ebooks. Ghost Bride is a super short one I'm only going to sell for 99 cents. The Wild Queen, being an installment of The Peasant Queen series, may be as much as $5.00. (I know, don't blow a gasket lol) The Price of Love, may sell for $2 or $3, depending on several things. The more I research, the more intimidated I become--but that's cool, because I'm going to do it anyway. :)

But I have the entire month of April to accomplish this. 3 ebooks published by April 30th. I'm working on revisions, and cover art, and getting all my ducks in a row formatting-wise before I start launching books. I'm also going to attend a class on ebooks (as long as it doesn't interfere with my presentations) when I'm here:
I highly suggest, if you're in or near the area of Ephraim, UT on April 9th you come check it out. You can't beat free, and there's going to be tons of good information passed around.
See you soon!


J.L. Campbell said...

Good luck with your submission and have fun putting your ebooks together.

Cheri Chesley said...

Thank you!

Angie said...

Good luck with your submission and your ebooks. That's so exciting. I am so coming to this thing in Ephraim! I'm not that far away. My son will be moving to Ephraim this fall to go to college.

Sarah Allen said...

Good luck with the submission! And the cover is indeed gorgeous.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Melissa Cunningham said...

This is super exciting! So is this a self publishing thing? I've thought about doing a bit of that myself. CONGRATS!