Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My review: The Armor of Light by Karen E. Hoover

I reviewed the book HERE on Mormon Mommy Writers Friday. Today I'm going to explore the book in more depth, so I'll dispense with the description. You can already tell by the cover it's going to be cool. Click HERE for the complete cover blurb.

I love this series. I'm going to tell you up front I would pit Karen's Wolfchild Saga against any bestselling fantasy series out there. If she keeps writing like this, she's going to be absolutely huge (fame-wise). And, having TRISTI PINKSTON for an editor can't hurt. ;)

In The Sapphire Flute, you met three primary characters--Ember, Kayla and C'Tan. Ember and Kayla are our protagonists; C'Tan the antagonist. In The Armor of Light, we get to learn more about these characters as their adventures continue and the dangers heighten.

What I'm loving is how each character grows. The girls are really coming into their own, while C'Tan is becoming an even more complex villain than we first saw. You know me; I have a documented weakness for complex villains. Click HERE if you don't believe me.

The magic woven throughout the story is believable, without being convenient. In fact, some things happen that the characters find downright inconvenient at the time. Ember makes a few new friends, and Kayla really comes into her own. I love the power and strength Kayla manifests by the end of the book.

The short is that these are characters you will love, and continue to love. Karen does a great job of finishing the story while leaving us longing to read more. I can't wait to see what's going to happen in book 3.


Karen E. Hoover said...

Cheri, you totally rock! First thing I read this morning. :) I have a feeling it's going to be a happy day. ;)

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