Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oops...and YAY

Today turned out to be kind of a wash. After I sent the kids to school and Bryan off to his new job (who, seriously, gets a job after being in town 2 days?), I went back to bed. Slept till noon. Had lunch while watching last night's Castle. Showered. Did all that email and socializing stuff. Honestly, by the time I sat down to write it was 20 min till the kids get home. Bah.

So I'm putting up my post rather than waiting till later. I'll write a little tonight when I have a minute. I did want to share some news, something I've been anxiously sitting on for a little while now.

My sis, Mel Chesley, got her publishing contract today!!!!! Dontcha love the look of her blog? I totally do. Whenever I go there it always reminds me of those pirate stories I'm waiting to write/rewrite. Sigh.

I'm so happy for her. So incredibly excited! Can't wait to put her book, alphabetically of course, on the shelf next to mine!

Way to go, Mel!


Mel Chesley said...

Woohoo! Thanks Cheri! I can't wait to get on the bookshelf either. :D

Melissa Cunningham said...

Good post! You sound like me in that I put of my writing until too late. Hate that. Why do we do that? Sigh.