Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What do You Think?

Pulling up to the house always felt like entering some exclusive club. Sure, nearly every other house in the cul-de-sac had desert landscaping and a three car garage, but this house stood out. Maybe it was the cascading waterfall in the front yard, surrounded by just enough rock-lined grass to frame it. Maybe it was the double solid oak doors you could see from the street. Maybe it was just because it was home.

Have you ever read a book where each chapter begins with a short letter or journal entry? What do you think of such a device? In Consequences, I'm struggling with the right balance between two points of view. There isn't enough story to give the second character her own chapters or segments, but there are aspects of her experience and feelings that the reader would benefit from knowing.

I actually kind of like the glimpses into a character's "diary" so to speak. I once read a book where the chapters took place in real time, but each one was prefaced with a short letter from the past--of either the children to their mother, or the mother to her children. I may be in the minority, here, but I enjoyed it.

Which is precisely when I'm asking. What do you think of such a storytelling tool?


WilyBCool said...

I believe that third party details can really add to a story. Used in moderation unless it is being used in a narrator kind of role.

Just my 2 cents.

Krista said...

I feel that any writing devise - if used correctly - will add to the story. Whenever I am not sure about something -I try it out then have some trusted people read and let me know what they think.

LisaAnn said...

If done right I love them. But that is a tricky balance because a reader learns very quickly if they are imperative to the story. If they aren't I just skip them. Just make sure they are very clever, very funny or make one think very hard.

Daanish said...

i like an introduction of a character useful to read through .