Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Will You Be One of My 100 Today?

I'm tired of being invisible.

Don't get me wrong, I love my fans. I adore my fans. I just think they may be a little lonely. ;)

This week, I hired a personal assistant. He's going to spend his time booking school visits and calling stores to see if they will carry my books and/or let me do signings. I'm also putting plans in motion to branch out online and extend my presence.

I have a singular goal in mind: to drive up my print and ebook sales.


Because I have a deep, dark secret. It actually is a secret with two sides.

And I am going to confess all to you here today.

I write books and stories and poems because I have a deep desire to share my words. Not because I think I'm any kind of genius or that I stand above all other authors out there (quite the contrary, actually) but because my heart, soul, and spirit BURN to share the stories born from my imagination.

Whew. That was heavy. In short, I write because I love it. But somehow it's more than that. So much, much more.

Here is the other part of that deep, dark secret. I have a need to make more money than I am right now. Why? Because I have kids that need braces next year (yes that's *kids* plural and *next year* as in 5 months from now). There are other things--like car repairs and home expenses, and that burning need to never lose another home--but I won't go into all that right now. What I want to do is to share with you my plan.

Which is simply to sell 100 copies of any of my print or ebooks a day (except Sunday). As many of you know, I don't believe in working or shopping on Sundays, and I wouldn't ask anyone to do that for me whether they share my belief or not.

I've done the math for you. In a year, that's roughly 31,500 copies of my books. Since by the end of 2012 I plan to have 5 books or stories available for purchase, that gives my readers quite a selection to choose from. And, with success, I will have time to write more books for the next year, making it a perpetually self-sustaining plan. I also plan to offer free ebook codes for "secret" books I'm writing with each purchase to add incentive for the buyer.

Why am I doing all this? Besides the burning desire to write and the very mundane need for money?

Because I write good books. And I'm getting better with each one. I want to make good use of this talent God has given me, and what better use of it than to spread good books while supporting my family? That is truly the limit of my ambition. I don't need to be a bestseller, or be an award winning author. Those things are nice, I'm sure, but not on my goal list.

I've tried to be completely honest with you. If my plan offends you, I am sorry. It's not my intention to offend. I am only being myself, which is an open person with very mundane needs--like everyone else.

So, will YOU be one of my 100 today?


Liesel K. Hill said...

Great plan! I feel you about needing to make more money. Starting with a plan is the first step and you're on your way to success! :D Hang in there! If you write it, they will come. :D

Mel Chesley said...

That is a very good plan. And you do write good books. No, I'm not biased when I say this. I'm being just as honest. I can't read a book that doesn't draw me in and keep me turning pages, your books do this and so much more! I'm here to help you any way I can!

Cheri Chesley said...

Thank you!

Arlee Bird said...

I hope you're reaching your goal. I can understand where you're coming from.

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