Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Indie Author

Now that I've published a whopping 2 books independently, I wanted to share my feelings on the subject. The thing is--someone has done that for me. :)

I like being an Indie Author. That's not to say I'd never sign another book contract, but I like the control afforded me as an independent. Knowing what I know now, it would take a significant draw on the part of the publisher to entice me to give up some measures of that control. Because right now--for better or worse--I decided how the cover looks. I decide what editing points to accept/reject. I say what the interior looks like. I'm working with amazing people on each of these segments, and together we bring together an amazing product.

And I LIKE that.

So here you go, my friend KAREN E. HOOVER's poem about being an Indie Author. She says it best.

"I am an Indie Author"

Not because I have to be,
And Not because I’m not good enough,
But because I choose my own way.
Just as Indie Music smashed the mold
And sang its unique song to a hungry world,
I write my own words
And hold them high against bestsellers
And traditional publishers.
I am not just good enough, I am great!
I beat and smash and build my work
Until it shines like the art it is.
The greatest joy comes from the word itself,
Because I am an Indie Author.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Because Words are Powerful

Ugh. I'm coming down with something and right now would rather be curled up in my bed than doing anything.

But I am here. Why?

Because I believe in my dream. Because words are powerful and outlive their writers.

Because I have to be here. It's something that resonates so deeply inside of me I can't properly name it.

And because I want to give you an update on what I'm doing.

The Tyrant King is flying off shelves (mine, at least--lol). I've ordered 38 copies so far and mailed away 37. I have another order of 10 wending my way soon, but until then this one lone copy sits with The Wild Queen and The Peasant Queen waiting for a reader. :) It's pretty cool.

I'm also hearing great things from readers. One said she'd have read it in a day if she hadn't had to go to school. Another liked it better than the first. Always things a writer loves to hear.

I had decided to focus some time editing my creepy Halloween story when I got blindsided by a fun sci fi YA adventure. Here's my "elevator pitch"

Shape-shifting alien Kelle, long believed to be the last of her kind, is about to face her toughest assignment yet--an American high school on a tiny little planet called Earth.

Now, you know that any creature believed to be the last of their kind is absolutely not--I'm not giving any spoilers away here, since Kelle learns that in the first two pages. The funny thing is (and I'm not trying to be punny here) that as I plot out this story a LOT of humor is coming out. Right now it's shaping up to be a funny and dangerous story, set on Earth but liberally sprinkled with sci-fi elements. And, right now, even as sick as I feel I want to work on it. 

I think readers will like Kelle. She's a calm sort of person who's cool under pressure and--though she can choose any form in the galaxy--her preferred shape is that of a shorter humanoid, powerfully built rather than skinny, with dark curly hair and dark eyes. 

And I'm going to take her completely out of her element and make her find her place in high school--as a spy. 

Even I'm getting excited at how fun it sounds. :)