Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Indie Author

Now that I've published a whopping 2 books independently, I wanted to share my feelings on the subject. The thing is--someone has done that for me. :)

I like being an Indie Author. That's not to say I'd never sign another book contract, but I like the control afforded me as an independent. Knowing what I know now, it would take a significant draw on the part of the publisher to entice me to give up some measures of that control. Because right now--for better or worse--I decided how the cover looks. I decide what editing points to accept/reject. I say what the interior looks like. I'm working with amazing people on each of these segments, and together we bring together an amazing product.

And I LIKE that.

So here you go, my friend KAREN E. HOOVER's poem about being an Indie Author. She says it best.

"I am an Indie Author"

Not because I have to be,
And Not because I’m not good enough,
But because I choose my own way.
Just as Indie Music smashed the mold
And sang its unique song to a hungry world,
I write my own words
And hold them high against bestsellers
And traditional publishers.
I am not just good enough, I am great!
I beat and smash and build my work
Until it shines like the art it is.
The greatest joy comes from the word itself,
Because I am an Indie Author.


Kimberly Krey said...

Well put! And I absolutely LOVE the poem; beautiful.

FunnyGoodJokes said...

Nice post!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the stay.

Unknown said...

Well said and congrats on two indie published books.