Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If a Tree Falls in the Forest and No One is There

You know the question. I have the answer. But rather than giving you the answer, I'm going to let you figure it out yourself.

Take this scenario: Let's say all the books on, oh, I dunno, Amazon, for instance, are the forest. And The Tyrant King is the falling tree.

Figured it out yet? I think you have.

Here's my second question: How does an author increase book sales if NO ONE KNOWS SHE WROTE A BOOK?


Now, I'm not trying to sound ungrateful. I know you know I wrote and published a book. And I love you. And we do have a blog tour semi-scheduled when my sis in law gets her book launched. But, in the mean time, I need to feel some love. And I want to dish some out in return.

That's why, right here and now, I'm announcing my "Spread the Word" Holiday Book Contest!

And you're eligible. So are ALL your friends!

All contest entries are going to be focused on getting the word out that The Tyrant King is published, out there, and ready for readers. Facebook posts, blog posts, Twitter, heck if you can Pin it then you can get credit for it!

The winner of my contest will make out like a bandit. Not only will they win a set of my three published novels, but they will also win a copy of Sing We Now of Christmas: An Advent Anthology--and copies to give as gifts to TWO of their friends! Not only that, but I'm throwing in a lush fleece throw and a $25 Amazon gift card to help them with their Christmas shopping (or buy something for themselves, I don't judge ;)).

Sound good? Because the second prize is a $15 gift card and a fuzzy red throw to cozy up with while they read their own copy of The Tyrant King.

So even if you have the book already, or my other books, you can still enter the contest and if you win then you have gifts to give. Lots of them!

Check back next week for the official opening of the contest. It will run Tues November 13th through Mon November 19th, with the winner announced on Tuesday November 20th.

Good luck!

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