Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Review: Blue Sky by Melissa Lemon

About the book: Sunny is bereaving the sudden death of her parents. Lewis is a homeless runaway seeking shelter in Sunny's basement from an early winter storm. When they unexpectedly meet, Sunny wants nothing more than to kill him. After a bizarre hostage situation and a poker game, Sunny realizes that Lewis isn't out to hurt her. Their initial distaste turns to friendship and love, but Sunny isn't keen on starting a relationship with a man she knows so little about. Lewis is loyal, and his patience paramount. Sunny is hesitant but her love runs deep and true. They are separated unwillingly, and must struggle and face overwhelming odds to find each other again.

My take: First of all, this is going to sound silly but my dog's name is Sunny and when I started reading Blue Sky it really distracted me that the main character had the same name. But then I got drawn into the story and it didn't really matter anymore.

Sunny is a girl in pain. And her pain is real, heartfelt, and the reader can feel it in every breath. How does the world keep spinning when the people who love you most in the world are suddenly gone? And Meg, Sunny's friend, she's amazing. I love Meg. I want to be Meg. I want to be able to be that friend (though I know I fall far short in reality).

Lewis is real. It's so hard to see him try and try and try to win Sunny only to have her shut him down. I know why she does it, but it's still hard. And when he finally shares his past with her, you just ache for him.

I had a little bit of trouble with some aspects of the book--things I can't share with you or they would be spoilers. I guess that's because it's not how I would have done it, but I can see how it's reasonable and possible that things could work out that way. Cryptic enough for you? But really, Blue Sky engrossed me from the first few pages and I had to read on to find out if these two star-crossed people would end up together.

About the author: Melissa has had many imaginary friends (and enemies) since she was a child. Her vivid imagination had her writing stories and jotting down book ideas for years until she finally sat down and finished a novel. She is married to an awesome man and the proud mother of three children. Music is also an important part of her life and she shares time with her music students teaching them piano, cello or guitar. Melissa is a graduate of the University of Utah and currently resides in the Salt Lake area.
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Melissa has promised the Amazon link as soon as the book is live (it's not due out till next week). Happy reading!

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