Tuesday, May 20, 2014

She Made it Easy

I can't write this post without crying. That being said, here we go.
This. Is my favorite person in the whole world. Sorry kids, sorry Bryan. It's true. And I'm not really sorry. No one can dispute I love all my kids, but Bry . . . it goes so much deeper than that.

It all started almost nineteen years ago. Many of you have heard the story. I got up late for church, threw on some clothes, tied my hair up in a weird braid thing because it was way overdue for a trim, and went to church with my mom. There I met the man who would become my husband. That hot, August day changed my life.

But there's something you should know.

I saw her first.

This adorable, new-to-me blond skipped up the aisle followed by a pair of legs. Twice. When I left the chapel that same blond was skipping circles around my mom and some guy. We talked. I invited them to lunch. He and I skipped last hour to chat in the chapel where we would be alone. I should have known then it was the beginning of the rest of my life.

But I saw her first.

Bry continues to impress me with her excellent decision making paradigm, large or small. She impresses me just by getting up every morning. I love her so much, more than she will ever comprehend. She's always been a constant in my thoughts, plans, and dreams. When we looked for a car, we thought of her. When we bought a house, we thought of her. One of my happiest memories was decorating her first bedroom with us, even if she'd only spend a handful of days there.

She taught me so much about my own depth and capacity to love. She opened my heart for others to squeeze in there. But she was always in there first.

After the wedding her mom and I hugged and she thanked me for my presence in her life. We haven't always had the smoothest relationship and I'm not good on the fly so my tongue tied up a bit. I said something kind to her that was completely heartfelt. But what I wanted to say was that all I ever had to do was love Bry--and she made that so easy.

So easy.

I smiled so much at the wedding that by the time I sat down at the reception my cheeks hurt. Just watching her and listening to her made me smile.

Do you know how she chose her bridesmaids' dresses? She told her friends, "this is the color, knee length. Get what you like." And it worked out great.

She walked barefoot at her wedding. Barefoot. :) She simply said, "It's on grass."

She loved her dress because her aunt made it for her. Sure, Bry helped design it but seriously I don't think she cared that this or that may have not worked out perfectly. She loved her dress because her aunt made it. And it was a beautiful dress.

And even though I wasn't able to match the green perfectly for my sons' usher shirts, she didn't even care. I think--I'm certain--that it bothered me more than her.

Bry and Chris have their own story, and they have embarked on a wonderful journey together. I'm so, so happy to add him to the family. Bry made an excellent decision there, too, even if it apparently took him a little longer to catch up. ;) I found out her friends called her a hummingbird and I couldn't agree more. They know her. They really do, and that's precious.

But I saw her first. And in a way she will always be mine. I love you, Bry. 

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