Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day SALE! Birthright only 99 cents TODAY ONLY!

HAPPY LABOR DAY! I'm having a sale. TODAY ONLY you can get BIRTHRIGHT for only 99 cents! So pick your favorite ebook provider and get clicking.




Nook is being slow to update, but if you absolutely need the Nook book copy, just keep checking for the price to drop.

 BIRTHRIGHT is my YA dystopian novel set several hundred years after our civilization collapses. Since humanity is resilient, we evolve past our dependence on technology and return to a feudal system in order to keep track of everyone and keep people safe from the predators that roam the lands. And I'm not just talking about  the fanged bunnies, either. I'm talking about the Devourers, descendents of former humans mutated by chemical warfare.

Verity is the king's oldest daughter, but what he needs is a son to inherit (some things we just don't evolve past). So he trades her for the chance to have a son, and Verity would rather take her changes with creatures that hunt humans than submit to her father's will.

Happy Labor Day, and happy reading!

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