Monday, October 5, 2015

October is Here!

Fall has finally come! Here's where we all toss colored leaves into the air and shout, "Hooray!"

I've got a ton of great things happening this month, and I'm going to try hard to pace myself. Check back on this blog every week for fun news and updates.

Today (this week), we're talking Breast Cancer Awareness Month. After all, that's one of the mantles October wears. As you know, my children's book, LIZZIE LILAC AND THE LEFT SOCKS is my pay-it-forward project. All proceeds from sales of the ebook and print versions go to fight cancer research and help cancer patients.

Wait, did I say ebook? YES! If you've always wanted to get a copy but couldn't quite swing the print price, I can now offer you LIZZIE LILAC for your KINDLE!

Naturally, you can still pick it up in PRINT, but I am super excited to offer the Kindle version because I feel it will increase donations--and that makes me super happy. It's tough sometimes to offer a book that never goes on sale, or is offered free or discounted, but I know my readers understand that cutting the price of such a fun story would short-change the most vulnerable among us.

Here's what the book is all about: Have you ever wondered what happens to those socks that get lost in the dryer? Join Lizzie Lilac as she discovers the answer. 

I wrote LIZZIE with my teen daughter as a tribute to a sweet friend and her daughter while that friend was going through chemo for breast cancer. It's a thoroughly enjoyable story, and I know you'll love it.

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