Monday, February 15, 2016

As it Pertains to Writing

This is a health update. Normally I'd keep this on my personal blog, but it does pertain to my writing so I wanted to be sure everyone interested was informed (which is why I'm putting it here).

First of all, City of Light is now available in print. I'm so pleased with how beautiful this book turned out. Here is the AMAZON link. I'm not sure why it hasn't connected this version with the ebook, but I'm sure we'll get that straightened out this week. Jjust a side note, I had some fun looking at the other sellers who've picked it up already--and want to charge you more to purchase it from them. It's kind of funny when you consider the book has only been available since the 12th!)

Secondly, I started kind of a craze on Facebook last week when I told my friends and readers that one of my projects for 2016 is a book where the main character is somewhat vertically challenged (read: short). Okay, she's 4'10". And the bad guy is tall (for the race). The tallest person my MC knows is her mom, at 5'5". It's actually a story that I started last summer, but since my accident I haven't worked on it much. I'm just really in love with the idea and want to get it written.

Now, back to my health. I have to say the biggest problem I have with this ongoing issue is that SO MUCH ATTENTION IS ON ME. I have to prove at every Dr visit that I'm not exaggerating my symptoms. They keep sending me to specialists that may or may not take my insurance. It's such a hassle, and, I'll be honest after SIX months of this I'm more than done.

Lately, though, I've had a serious increase in daily pain and nobody really knows why. Isn't the brain fun?! (not) From our research, Bryan and I have figured that in my efforts to live as normally as possible with this disability--I'm probably doing more harm than good. That said, the hours I spend online, writing, socializing, doing puzzles, reading my Kindle, etc is not giving my brain the down time it needs to heal. Yes, in retrospect that makes perfect sense. Yeah, I feel kinda stupid for being so stubborn. (In my defense, since I can't work I've been trying to increase my exposure as a writer and, hopefully, increase revenue--which is why I'm spending so much time online every day)

But it's not working. And I'm in serious pain. And if I give in and take my pain meds I run the risk of rebound headaches--where the medication is what is causing the headache, and that just seems stupid so, ya.

So I'm going dark for a couple of weeks, with the possible exception of an hour a day writing. I'm going to try to minimize my reading, my TV watching, etc, as much as possible without going insane. That's the part that really scares me, I'll be honest. If you take an average of 10-12 hrs of awake time every day, and then plan to do nothing for most of it so your brain can rest, yeah. I'm not sure I can do it. But I have to try. The current situation is untenable. I can't take it anymore, and I have to try a new approach.

Wish me luck, and thanks for reading!

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