Saturday, October 22, 2016

Things to Know

A Haunting Love is one of my favorite spooky stories, and just as soon as things settle down in my little world I'm going to add a bonus to both the print and e-book versions of the story--my microstory, Ghost Bride. Once I do that, I'll be removing Ghost Bride as a stand alone purchase. It will only be available as a bonus feature at the end of A Haunting Love.

You can purchase it HERE (for your other formats) and also on AMAZON

As far as writing news, I'm afraid that's all the updates I have for you. It's been an incredibly rocky 2016. I just posted the most recent update on my PERSONAL BLOG for anyone who'd care to read the gritty details of my near-death experiences. (yes, unfortunately, that's plural)

While I'm recuperating, and until I can get back to stringing together words and sewing aprons to sell, I hope you can have some patience with me. It's been pretty grueling, and to be honest I'm still processing most of it. Everything happened so fast. I mean, 5 weeks ago all I was worried about healthwise was my stupid concussion migraines.

In the meantime, though, you can content yourselves with my fun child and adult aprons on my ETSY STORE. I'm not up to taking custom orders right now, but hopefully soon.

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