Friday, May 22, 2009

Being an Author is SO cool!

I just had the most awesome day speaking at the Grantsville Jr High Author Day. Just thought I'd type a quick blog about it before my kids start really begging for dinner.

First off, I showed up and they had assigned each author a student guide for the day. I got Shelby who, aside from being totally adorable, also happens to be efficient, competent and fun to talk to. We all had lunch and then gathered in the lunch room for the main part before separating into our classes.

I kind of danced all over my topic, trying to stay on a time line but really jumping all over, but did manage to eek out at least 25 min of talking about myself and my writing during my two sessions. But I got to meet some great kids. Seeing as it's a Friday afternoon near the end of May at a Jr High, I kind of expected a group more ready for summer than sitting and listening to someone they'd never heard of.

But over all the kids were awesome. I got good feedback and a lot of them signed up for my newsletter so I can tell them when The Peasant Queen comes out. I'm really excited to share this with them because some of them said they'd like to be authors too.

I do regret not being able to talk more to one particular girl. She came up on my right side as we were doing signings and said she wanted to be an author too, but someone distracted me and she said that we could talk later and then disappeared before I could grab her. (If you're reading this, get on my website and email me please! I want to talk to you!)

Overall, these kids represented their school beautifully. Everyone was so gracious. This is an experience I'd definitely repeat!


Christine said...

Great Post Cheri. I'm following your blog now and adding you to my blogger buddies list.

Mel Chesley said...

That is so awesome! See, I told you not to worry about it. :P

Cheri Chesley said...

Thanks, Christine! Hey, Mel, I'm getting that package out to you and Kate. It's got the shirt (last one), a few wristbands (also last ones lol), a WW trading card sample and my biz card--that just came Friday afternoon! It's awesome! Mailing Tuesday (if I get out of the house)

Rachelle Christensen said...

What a great experience! That is so neat that you've inspired someone. :)
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