Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Author Adventure

Sometimes I think every author should go in one a year to have their head examined. While I still maintain writing is an acceptable form or outlet for insanity, it still amazes me that we voluntarily put ourselves through such torture.

I went to New York for the very first time this past weekend to attend the Book Expo (BEA). Honestly, I don't know what was more amazing--the city experience or the Expo. New York, Manhattan specifically, is incredible. It has its own energy. The people really are just like anywhere else; I'm not sure now why I expected anything different. The lights and sounds were a bit much at times and I don't really understand why drivers use their horns at all--everyone ignores them. I will not take a taxi unless it cannot be avoided and I wouldn't recommend a free shuttle bus. The driver thought she was in the Indy 500, whipping through the streets like nobody's business.

The Expo thrilled me just as much, though not for the same reasons. I loved talking to fellow authors, marketing specialists, publisher reps and all the rest. We exchanged cards and book stories and I got to meet some of my favorite authors like Brandon Mull and Shannon Hale. Brandon seriously cracks me up--he's that funny. And Shannon is just as pretty and sweet as you'd expect her to be from her picture.

I'm going back. Next year I'll repeat this experience, though hopefully with an agent or publisher of my own. But right now I'm going to concentrate on getting a national agent and on the first printing of my book.

After I go save the crying baby, that is. :)

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