Saturday, June 6, 2009

When Hearts Conjoin--the story of the Herrin Twins

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I'm not a news watcher. I find it depressing to hear about the horrors humanity does to one another across the globe. That being said, I didn't follow Kendra and Maliyah's story as it unfolded. But I've have had to be in a coma not to know what was going on, and I count myself among the thousands who prayed for these little girls and their family during that time.

Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed When Hearts Conjoin. Their mother, Erin, gives an at times unflinching view into her life and her family. She admits her mistakes, shows us her moments of weakness, and in all proves that she's human. She's not a superwoman who experienced a manageable crisis--she's just like all the rest of us mothers who have to make decisions for our children and hope for the best.

I can't begin to compare the experience I had with one of my twins having surgery at 10 months with what the Herrin family experienced, but because of what I went through I could empathize with how Erin felt at times. I know what it feels like to hand your dying child (or children) to a team of surgeons and relinquish that control, hoping and praying for the best. If you haven't experienced that, there's no way to describe it.

LuAnn Staheli is an excellent author and she did a fantastic job working with Erin on this book. It's an excellent read and I recommend it to anyone, though I do caution you to have a box of tissues handy. I gave it 4 of 5 stars.

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When Hearts Conjoin

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