Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting back on Track

You know what really kills my ability to write? An intense, light and noise sensitive migraine type sinus headache that lasts 4 days. I'm pretty sure that would do it for most of us, but brilliant me, I had to get the headache Saturday afternoon and then endure 3 days of fireworks going off in our neighborhood. :(

But I went to the doctor, finally, and got some meds to clear up the issue. I'm getting caught up on all my blogs and posts and all that fun stuff. Tomorrow we're taking the kids bowling and to a movie and Saturday I have to sew on my daughter's baptism dress. So writing? Well, maybe I can squeeze some in over the next few days.

The problem is I have several stories right now all clamoring for my attention. There's the Not So Cinderella alternate fairy tale, the true to life contemporary YA fiction and the middle grade fantasy about a daughter whose mom writes magical---really magical---books. And, of course, about a month after The Peasant Queen is released I'm pretty sure I'm going to get requests about the sequel (first draft still sitting on my computer, for the last 6 months).

I haven't set out to be a famous author. I'd love to have the gift of being able to supplement our household income writing so I can concentrate on my family better, but that's still a ways off. Problem is, I have had several inspirations lately that hint of a specific plan the Lord has for me when it comes to my career as a writer. It will be interesting to see how those things play out.

And then maybe I'll write a memoir. :)

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