Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Weekend, now back to Work

Where was I Friday? Oh, right--a movie and bowling with the kids. (btw, saw Monsters v. Aliens and found it lol funny) And Saturday? I spent the time to get Kylie's dress done. Turned out pretty lovely, if I do say so myself. And like a loon, I bought more fabric so I could make Rianne some pajamas, because the fabric is purple hearts on a purple background. (1 guess what her fave color is)

So it's Monday evening, and I'm sitting here fleshing out my blogs while I contemplate all the reading I did when I wasn't running around like a headless chicken. What I really need to do is put my insomnia to good use. I mean, if I'm not sleeping anyway, why not write? But it just goes against all rational thought I have left to not at least try to sleep when I have to get up at 4AM.

I balanced my weekend reading well. I read two really great books and two really awful books. I think I really am a nut. No matter how annoying a book is, I'll finish it. And post reviews on Like I'm not busy enough as it is.

What's really funny is all the self editing I've done has jaded me when I read. I take a book apart, not on purpose but because I can't help it. I do it at movies too, though it bugs my husband to no end when I can't keep my comments to myself. There is an element of pride in figuring things out before the screenwriters want you to, but it's not like I set out to spoil the movie for him. If he doesn't want to know, then he shouldn't lean over and whisper, "What?" to me when I gasp or groan. It helps when we take the kids, because then we usually don't sit together. I sit near one end while he takes the other, just so we can reach everyone for passing out popcorn or sharing drinks, etc.

It's sad, really, but sometimes I think I could sit in a cabin alone and write all day long. But then I think of that Johnny Depp movie and think, no, that's not at all healthy. There's so much going on in my head. I've been holding them at bay so I could do all that pressing family stuff over the weekend. Right now, in my mind's eye, I see a locked door and can hear all the voices begging or demanding to be let out. It's hard to tell in the cacophony they create. Wow, I haven't used "cacophony" since high school and could still spell it! :)

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