Monday, September 14, 2009

I Get to be an Author this Weekend!!!

It's a crazy, crazy week. And a short one. And all because the LUW's Author Roundup is Friday and Saturday. But, the up side is I get to be an author this weekend!

As it turns out, this comes at no small sacrifice. If my kids make their play audition today I will miss both their performances, since they both happen Saturday. Our local bookstore, The Purple Cow, is having Brandon Mull and Lisa Mangum out Saturday for an Author day. EVERYTHING is happening this weekend. Sacrifices must be made.

Truth is, I'm a major homebody. I'd rather hang out here, see my kids perform and support my local bookstore than drive for hours, stay at a hotel and eat out. Especially lately, since I haven't felt much like an author. My novel's taking the snail's track to publication and finding time to write has been about as evasive as a technicolor unicorn.

But the author conventions are useful. We get to recharge, connect with others in the same boat and learn how to better our craft. This is vital to an author. We're by nature rather solitary creatures, but we need to poke our heads out of our burrows occasionally and see what's going on out there in the world of writing. Otherwise we'll always be "trying to get published."

So, I'm going. A little reluctantly, but I'm going. Fortunately I know I'll have a great time.

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