Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Already??!

I'm feeling less optimistic about the week now that it's Thursday. It's been a really rough day all the way around, and I'd either like a do-over or just go to bed and let today be over.

I did get a clean bill of health from my physical therapist, today--that was a bright spot. Cleared to exercise. I really, really want to get back to my walking and pilates. If I had pool access then it would be awesome. I miss swimming so much.

And still, I haven't touched the reading I have to do or written that thing for church. My delightful characters have decided to change the rules on me. In sorting out this trilogy, I've come to the realization I will have to write the third book BEFORE I can finish the edits on the second book. Sigh.

See, for months now I've been working--or trying to work--on two different books. Both argue in my mind for equal treatment. The problem is, I try to get started and never seem to make any progress. One is the second book in my trilogy, which I wrote out last year, and the second is a YA contemporary fiction based on real events. In the meantime, little whispers from the third book of my trilogy seep through.

The other night I gave up. I thought about it and thought about it and decided I'm just going to have to write out the third book before I can finish the second book. And the floodgates opened. Suddenly I was ignited, like fire, with inspiration and tore through about 1000 words before I could stop myself. Like a good little girl I went to bed because I have to get up early for work every day, and still spent about 10 or so minutes in bed putting notes into my notebook.

It's so exciting. Not only is it the completion of over two decades of thought and plotting, but it's the culmination of the story--the completion of the story of these particular families and what they do to each other over three generations. Not to mention the villain. He's the best of the worst--clever, creative, deceptive and conniving. His plots are so intricate he's struck twice at the heart of my heroine before she even realizes where the hits are coming from. And, unlike my previous bad guys in the series, he's not motivated by a twisted love or loyalty--he's just hurting people for the sheer joy of it.

Now I've gotten all excited again and I'm going to have to stop and pull up the book file. :)


Heather Justesen said...

I love it when a burst of inspiration floods over you, and hate it when I have to interrupt that inspiration for the needs or real life. I also totally understand why that third book has to be written before the second one can be finalized. I seriously have no idea how people do one at a time and don't write themselves into massive corners.

Cheri Chesley said...

Exactly. It's just taken me a little time to figure that out :)