Friday, January 8, 2010

And we're off!

Ok, I'm always a little off, but I like to think that's part of my charm. :)

I did it. I really did it. And on time even. I mailed off my trimmed, edited and test-read manuscript off to the editors who requested it this morning. Seriously. At 9:01 AM I walked out of the post office after paying $6.50 to mail the package.

They should get it Monday. And now I have to throw myself into that other project or I will drive myself mad with worry and speculation. After so much effort on this one book, it's finally looking really promising.

My test readers were amazing. Have to give them a shout out. They're great ladies who do these wonderful things for me, and don't even know that test readers get free signed copies when a book is published. ;)

These are the days I like being an author. The world is opened up to me. Anything goes. And no matter what happens, it was a great learning experience. It's all good.


Don said...

Yay! That's an awesome step. Good luck!

Mary Gray said...

Yes! Good luck!!