Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm going to be in the newspaper!

My hubby is SO gloating right now. He's really having a great time with this. After hassling me for months to go to the local paper and let them know I'm here and I write, I got an email through Authors Incognito that a reporter for our paper wants to do an article on local authors. So I followed up on it and Monday had a phone interview with the reporter, Emma Penrod, about my memberships in LUW (League of Utah Writers) and Authors Incognito. She did mention that she had talked to Karen Hoover and I really hope she'll be in the article too so she can get the word out about The Sapphire Flute, due out this March.

So, this morning Meagan, the photographer, came to my house and took pictures of me. She said the article will hopefully be in next week's Tooele Transcript Bulletin; it kind of depends on the other authors Emma is able to interview and when that gets done. I have to say, for the record, it's the second time a newspaper photographer has come to my house and snapped my picture since we moved to Utah. The first time was in 2002 for The Deseret News. They had asked for contributors for an article on remembering 9/11, and I submitted my memories of that day. I got a call saying they wanted to print it, and that afternoon a guy showed up, snapped two pics, and left. Meagan took a few more. We have lighting issues in my house, plus I really am not fond of having my picture taken so I wasn't the most cooperative subject. I try, but I know I'm making some goofy face, or there's a reflection of my glasses, or my chin is too high, or my shoulders are stiff--and so on.

And, for the record, I live in a family of comedians. I texted my sibs and in-laws to tell them I was going to be in the paper, and my oldest brother asked me "How many people did you shoot/stab/maim and where do I mail the cookies?" When I mentioned that to my brother-in-law, he said, "Those thoughts did cross my mind, but . . . nah!" Sigh.

And my 5 yr old is convinced getting into the newspaper means it's going to make me famous. I love my kids.

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