Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm addicted to Book Signings

Even if they aren't mine, which so far none have been. :)

Yesterday my sweet niece-in-law helped me take my daughter to our local bookstore, The Purple Cow, to attend a book signing for the newest graphic novel, Calamity Jack.

Now, don't get your dander up. This is a graphic novel, as in WITH PICTURES, not a graphic novel meaning with intense descriptive scenes of sex and/or violence.

Award winning author Shannon Hale co-wrote this book with her husband, Dean. And just by watching them entertain the crowd you can tell they totally LOVE working together. Even if it's not always smooth and easy, they have a special bond that is just too sweet to watch. In fact, I've observed them twice now and I have to say I keep seeing my dear hubby and I doing the same thing.

Nathan Hale illustrated Calamity Jack. Basically, you see Nate all over the book (as it's a novel with pictures). He does great work. I picked up a copy of his picture book, The Devil You Know, for my little baby nephew.

Poor Nathan, though. Through crossed wires, he showed up at the bookstore on time for the 2pm start. The Hales thought it started at 3pm. So Nathan entertained us by doing some illustrating on demand and telling fun stories.

One story was this: Nathan Hale did not live in Utah. He did not know Shannon Hale or Dean Hale. They met when Shannon's publisher bought Dean's publisher. But, they maintained that they are not related. Yes, same last name, but no relation. As Nathan told it, about 4 months ago they found out that Nathan's grandfather and Dean's grandfather are brothers, making them second cousins and, by default, Nate and Shannon second cousins-in-law. So, they ARE related. Maybe it's just me, but I find that truly hilarious. It really is a small world.

On a personal note, Isa Ventura--the very wonderful and generous owner of The Purple Cow bookstore--singled me out to the gathering crowd as one of Tooele's up and coming authors. She asked me about the status of my book, and I told her we are very hopeful that this time it will take.

Oooh, and she also let me hold in my hot little hands her ARC of Karen Hoover's book, The Sapphire Flute. That was awesome!!

All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Even if the main event was nearly an hour late. :)

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C. Michelle Jefferies said...

Sounds so cool! I wish I still lived there I'd have gone with you.