Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Wanna Give Stuff Away!

To you!

My sister-in-law (and in heart)are launching our first contest! All we ask is that you become a follower of MEL'S BLOG and mine, and once we reach 100 followers each we will draw for prizes. This will include FaceBook followers, the ones listed below the other followers, you know? Okay, cool, I didn't want to have to explain further. As soon as the two of us reach 100 followers each, we're going to have a drawing. But I won't tell you the prizes yet. That's for another post. Have to keep you all reading somehow, don't I?

If you're currently a follower already, no worries. You can add to your entries by posting about our contest on FB or on your own blog. We're not going to leave you out! You gave us our blogging start!

So pass this around, tell your friends, we'll tell our friends and we'll keep networking like we do. We're good at that. And as soon as we reach that magic number, we'll be sure to let you know! By becoming a follower, there's no way you can miss it!

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