Friday, March 19, 2010

What you've been waiting for!


We're already getting new followers for our blogs. How exciting!

Mel and I wanted to clarify a few points. We've been so excited about holding our first contest, some of our posts were done without our entire brains present. :)

My sis-in-law, Mel (Melissa) Chesley, has her own blog. In order to maximize your entries, if you become a follower on my blog, you will also want to follow her blog. This is just the first of several joint efforts we will be doing. She's braving the wilds of Alaska winters; I live here in Utah. We both love writing YA fantasy, and we both have a soft spot for pirates. I call my 5 children my traveling circus; she's dealing with one teenage girl with incredible talent. (no, I'm not trading lol) As Mel said on her blog, "All in all, we're family. We help family."

(BTW, here's where I quote her blog rather liberally, because I'm exhausted and recovering from a sinus infection) So our little contest we're doing is to boost our followers to 100 each. She or I could have been selfish and just said, "gimme 200 followers and I will give you stuff!" Nope, doesn't work that way, not with us anyway.

So here's a couple of little clues as to what we're giving away once we each reach 100 followers:

A Mystery Package - Includes Mystery genre books + goodies.
A Fantasy Package - Includes Fantasy genre books + goodies.
A Romance Package - Includes Romance genre books + goodies.

Don't know if that piqued your interest, since I didn't give much away. I'm silly like that. So again: Follow my blog AND follow MEL'S. Get us to 100 followers each so we can give these fun little packages away! It's also likely that we'll start following your blog as well. We like to keep our followers close. :)

Thanks to all who have started following so far. You're awesome!


Mel Chesley said...

I love how well we work together. :D

Cheri Chesley said...


Elizabeth Morgan said...

I love your new blog. Good luck on publishing your first novel.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Hmmm, I thought I put a comment here like weeks ago?

Cheri Chesley said...

Elizabeth--you did. You commented on a previous post about the contest. This one was added with more detail about the prizes :)