Monday, April 5, 2010

B is for...

BOLD. There's a truck company out there. "Go bold, or go home."

Or it could be for Bones. Like my little friend here.

For the moment, let's be bold.

Authors these days need to accept the days of secluded writers penning bestsellers from their home in the wilderness are over. In order to compete with everything out there, we need to be bold to sell our books. Not pushy, mind you. Not obnoxious. But bold.

Bold as in willing to attend book signings and special events.

Bold as in willing to go to schools and speak to kids about writing and following our dreams.

Bold as in looking people in the eye and telling them you write books--whatever the genre--in a calm, straight-forward manner and not like we are apologizing for the act.

Because I'm a writer, this is my focus. But boldness can carry you whatever your quest in life.

So, walk up to someone today, smile, shake their hand and introduce yourself. Then tell them what you are, and what you do.


1 comment:

Elizabeth Mueller said...

WHAT! No comments? I love this post. This is fodder for the aspiring writer!

How about being energetic and giddy and bouncy when I introduce myself, telling them that I am a writer???? That's how I feel!!!