Monday, April 5, 2010

A is for...(toldja I'd catch up)

ABOMINABLE...AS IN SNOWMAN. This is a photo from Valentine's Day 2008 when we had an official snow day. But it fits.

As a writer, my productivity is deeply affected by external influences. So, family stresses, weather, financial issues--all of this plays into how productive a writer I am. And, you know what? I AM TIRED OF THE SNOW.

It's April, people. (Another A word :)) This morning the weather man announced we'd have 5-10 inches in our area of UT over the next two days. Please don't misunderstand--I grew up in Phoenix, Az. I understand the importance of moisture to a metropolis full of people. I get it. I also desperately want it to be Spring now.

I want to feel the sun shine on my face. I want to feel a warm breeze. I'm tired of feeling like an arctic resident.

The abominable snowman is on my roof, and I want him to take a hike.

Ok, I love rain. Rain is good. Even cold rain. Can we have rain, please?

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Mel Chesley said...

Hehe! I agree (look an A!) wholeheartedly!! Take a hike, Frosty.
Great catch up post. :D