Thursday, April 22, 2010

S is for...


Why silver? Silver is easily my favorite metal. My wedding colors were silver, royal blue, royal purple and white. Beautiful, no? I wear silver better than gold--I have a gold allergy and silver simply looks better on me.

Sisters. Ah, well. I did not grow up with sisters. All I had were those dang four older brothers. But I have sisters now. This is Mel--my hubby's brother's wife--my sister in heart. If you can read that tiny type, she's an author too. :)

Here are a couple more of my sisters in heart. I'd post them all, but I don't have all their pics. Sad, huh? Jen and Tawnya. I used to change their diapers, giving me the unusual feeling of what it felt to be an older sister lol.

And here are my favorite sisters--my daughters and my stepdaughter. We had this drawing of them done in Disneyland.

Years ago, I married a divorced man with a child. The first thing this child asked of me was to give her a brother. So I did. Well, as I like to remind her, she DID pray for him. And even before he was born, she would kiss him goodnight.

Then, she asked for a sister. But she didn't pray for one. She got twin brothers. I'm just saying. :)

When she was almost 10, she got that long awaited sister.

But I didn't want my little girl growing up as an only daughter, like I did. Her Sissy lives in another state and is 10 yrs older. They love each other to pieces, but it's not the same as growing up together. So we tried one more time.

Sometimes it's funny the way life works out. Like it's all part of a grand plan. Oh, wait. IT IS! :)

And lastly, I'll mention Setarra. Setarra is a character I wrote about half my life ago. Setarra is the Daughter of the Goddess of the Twin Moons, "born" in the Kabiliste wood and raised by the Keepers of the Unicorns. There's a whole world, magic, quest, and a prince to be rescued in that story. One of these days I'll actually finish it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Dad. He was born 4/22/42 and died 5/9/83 at the age of 41. I've been told he smiles down on me. Yeah, I can deal with that. :)


Anonymous said...

I love this! Woman can have so many 'sisters' in all different types of relationships. I call my friends my soul sisters, and I belong to a sisterhood of woman who inspire each other. And I have my two 'real' sisters. What I lovely family you have. Blessings to you.

Ey Wade said...

Sisters are amazing. They are so alike and unlike you. I have 2 and three daughters. My eldest sister has been going through major health issues lately and the thought of losing her was indescribable. Today she gets out of ICU so I can smile (and breathe) deep.

Love your post.

Cluttered Brain said...

Oh and amazingly enough S is also for Storymaker's. :)

Love this post Cheri.

Sisters are wonderful to have aren't they?

Raquel Byrnes said...

That was a sweet post. Dont have a sister, but wish I did.

Ella said...

I don't have a sister! They are all so adorable;
you have your hands full! I enjoyed reading your post; I am sorry about your Dad; I am sure he smiles down on you, too!

Mel Chesley said...

Awww shucks! I'm blessed to have a sister like you. :D

Anonymous said...

I love silver as well. I have 3 older sisters... and often wondered how life would be with a brother. (Then I got married and heard all of the stories of how my dh tortured my sisters-in-law... yes, I have 3 of those too!). I liked reading this post about your family.

Ms Gladys said...

Your sisters are all blessed to have you. You have a positive outlook on people around you. I wish all women would look at life in a blending family like you do.

Grammy said...

Beautiful posting! Very sweet about giving sisters to your stepdaughter. They are adorable.