Sunday, May 30, 2010

At least this isn't you.

McKenzy didn't look up from her iPod as the car drove past. She glanced up at the time display before tapping the screen with her finger. Stupid card game had her completely hooked. She slid the card across the screen to make another match before glancing in her rear view mirror.

The couple in the car had started arguing. She could hear them from her position under the blossoming peach trees. McKenzy reclined the driver's seat a little farther, so they wouldn't think she was listening. Who pulls into a church parking lot to have a fight?

Without warning, two sharp, snapping sounds sliced the air. Fireworks? Did the car backfire? McKenzy raised her head and twisted a little to see behind her van. She watched, horrified, as the passenger door opened and someone fell out. They didn't move.

The door slammed shut and the car rocked into motion. It made a wide circle and came up along side McKenzy's minivan. She caught a glimpse of the driver before the gun in his hand registered in her mind. Instinctively, she ducked. Bullets striking metal, a sound she'd never heard before but would never forget, pierced the air. McKenzy flinched each time.

The engine roared to life and she heard the car speed away. Still, she hesitated before lifting her head to look around. Then she fumbled for her cell phone and flipped it open to dial 9-1-1.

"What is your emergency?" the voice on the phone intoned.

"Help, please," McKenzy said. "Someone's been shot." She glanced back at the body. "I think she's dead."

"What is your location?"

McKenzy started to shake as she rattled off the cross streets. She glanced down at the school a half mile down the road. Now she really was going to be late picking up her kids.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling Accomplished

My sis in law, Mel, and I both agree our first ever contest went fabulously! That's in large part to all of you--all of our followers and friends. So far, we've been able to deliver two of our prize packages--though I only know for certain that one was received. :) (Melissa C. if you're out there...:)) Tomorrow I will have the very nice lady at our local post office help me find a box to fit our final prize and get that sent off.

I just wanted to send all of you following a huge THANK YOU for your part in making our Spring Into Reading Contest a success.

As we meander closer to summer, please remember to check both mine and MEL'S BLOG for updates on our writing ventures, contracts, signings, etc. My book, The Peasant Queen, is still scheduled for a release of Dec 1, 2010. I'll be posting updates as they come.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We have a winner! Or two! Or three!

Congratulations to our three winners: Melissa Cunningham, Hannah Rohan and Falen (aka Sarah Ahiers).

Our winners need to email me at CheriwritesATyahooDOTcom by Friday, or we will go back to the drawing board, literally. 

Starting with third prize, our winner is Hannah Rohan! Congratulations! Hannah’s prize include the three Josi Kilpack culinary mystery books: Lemon Tart, English Trifle and Devil’s Food Cake, as well as Annette Lyon’s grammar book, There, Their and They’re and a sweet pen set.

Second prize goes to Melissa Cunningham!! Second prize, if you’ll remember, is the Romance Prize. I’ll Know you by Heart by Kimberly Job, Summer in Paris by Michele Ashman Bell and Loyalty’s Web by Joyce DiPastena—as well as Annette Lyon’s grammar book There, Their and They’re and a $15 gift card. Melissa, when you email me, please be sure to tell me which store’s gift card you would like.

And , finally, our First Prize winner! This is our Fantasy Prize and it goes to Sarah Ahiers (Falen). This lucky lady gets Lisa Mangum’s books The Hourglass Door and The Golden Spiral as well as Karen Hoover’s The Sapphire Flute. On top of the autographed books, she will also receive the Writer’s Blocks and a copy of Annette Lyon’s There, Their and They’re book.

Remember, winners, in order to claim your prizes you will need to email me at CheriwritesATyahooDOTcom so I can get your address and ship off your prizes!

Congratulations and thanks for following!
Cheri and Mel

It's almost time

With Mothers Day and all, I didn't post this earlier. But here you go. Just one more day and you'll have your answer: did you win one of our fabulous Spring into Reading Prizes?

Mel and I are doing the tallying and drawing tonight. You'll know in the morning.

Good luck to all of you! And thanks so much for following!

Monday, May 3, 2010

GIVE AWAY!!!!! Woohoo!

That's right! My sister in law, MEL and I have reached 100 followers each. So, as promised, we're having our Spring Into Reading Give Away.

Okay so here is what we're going to do:

1 Entry if you have followed this blog after May 3rd.
2 Entries if you have followed this blog before May 3rd.
2 Entries if you follow both me and MEL.
1 Entry if you Tweet or post on FaceBook.
1 Entry if you post about it in your blog.

Tally up your entries! Post them in the comments section. (Either hers or mine, no need to do both, we read each other's stuff. ;) ) Then check either of us out on Monday, May 10th to see if you have won!

Okay, here are the prizes:

First place: Fantasy ~ Three books: The Sapphire Flute by Karen Hoover, The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum (autographed) and an ARC of The Golden Spiral by Lisa Mangum (autographed). PLUS Writer's Blocks and a copy of Annette Lyon's book There, Their and They're.

Second place: Romance ~ Three books: I'll Know You by Heart by Kimberly Job (autographed), Summer in Paris by Michele Ashman Bell (autographed) and Loyalty's Web by Joyce DiPastena (autographed). PLUS a $15 gift card (your choice within reason! :D) and a copy of Annette Lyon's book There, Their and They're.

Third Place: Mystery ~ Three books: The first three autographed books in Josi Kilpack's culinary mystery series Lemon Tart, English Trifle and Devil's Food Cake. Guaranteed to make you hungry! PLUS a copy of Annette Lyon's There, Their and They're and a pen set.

*Please Note: While MEL and I are related, we live states apart. As in Utah and Alaska lol. We'd like to give you a choice in the genre, but that's going to be difficult for us, so we apologize in advance. Look on the bright side if you don't like the genre, you have early Christmas presents. ;)

Okay! So there you have it everyone. Again, tally up your entries, post it in the comment section of either her blog or mine and we'll draw names. Check back Monday, May 10th for the winners!