Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling Accomplished

My sis in law, Mel, and I both agree our first ever contest went fabulously! That's in large part to all of you--all of our followers and friends. So far, we've been able to deliver two of our prize packages--though I only know for certain that one was received. :) (Melissa C. if you're out there...:)) Tomorrow I will have the very nice lady at our local post office help me find a box to fit our final prize and get that sent off.

I just wanted to send all of you following a huge THANK YOU for your part in making our Spring Into Reading Contest a success.

As we meander closer to summer, please remember to check both mine and MEL'S BLOG for updates on our writing ventures, contracts, signings, etc. My book, The Peasant Queen, is still scheduled for a release of Dec 1, 2010. I'll be posting updates as they come.


Unknown said...

I'm glad everything went good! I can't wait to read your book!!

Mel Chesley said...

Weeeee!!! These guys are awesome, aren't they? I love your background by the way. Tres chic. :D

And yes, I've even put up bars for my WIPs to let everyone know my current writing status. :D

Denise Covey said...

Just popped over from Mel's. Love your background and picture of what looks like Neuschwanstein Schoss. Gorgeous.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

So glad it all went well!!! I can't wait for your other one! :)