Thursday, June 3, 2010

My review: REBOUND by Heather Justesen

About the book: Lily's life is perfect--a perfect lie.

With a successful husband, a gorgeous home, and a growing family, Lily Drake has it all. But when the FBI shows up, she realizes her husband is not the man she thought he was.

Meanwhile, Lily's friend Curtis is about to be drafted by the NBA, but he suddenly feels pulled to find his birth family, and no one is prepared for what he'll discover. With so many obstacles in their way, Lily and Curtis must learn to rely on each other if they're ever going to find peace and learn to love again.

In this heartwarming family drama, Heather Justesen, author of The Ball's in Her Court, weaves a stirring story of hope. Reunite with your favorite characters and discover how determination, love, and faith can overcome even the toughest trials.

My review: Heather's a genius. Seriously. And she writes the sweetest kissing scenes. :)

I read The Ball's in Her Court last December on my way from Alaska after visiting family. I'm sure it looked kind of funny to the other people on the plane to see me with my nose in a book and tears streaming down my face. Fortunately, Rebound only made me cry once. But I loved it just as much.

Lily's life really is perfect, until it all comes down around her ears. My heart broke for her as everything she thought she knew about her life turned out to be a lie. And then she has to pull herself together and move one, which not only takes an exceptional amount of character (no pun intended), It also takes amazing strength. Readers will love Lily--she's so human. So real.

I also really love the basketball themes that are throughout both of Heather's books. I am not a sports fan of any kind--never have been--but Heather really writes as though she knows what she's talking about. In fact, I finally learned what "ninth in the draft" actually means.

You can pick up a copy of Rebound at your local bookstore, or HERE online.


Heather Justesen said...

Thanks Cheri! And I didn't know what ninth in the draft was until I was researching for this book. Thank goodness for family members who are willing to share their knowledge with us!

And both books made you cry? Woot!

Cheri Chesley said...

Authors are such funny creatures. What other occupation can you have where you can say, "Yay! I made you cry!" lol I really enjoyed both books :)

Mary Gray said...

haha. Too true, Cheri.

i liked her kissing scenes, too. :)