Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little History

Today I'm posting a little about my writing journey. You know, what got me to the point I am today? What drives me to write?

First, though HERE is the link to my ongoing contest. I need a cool, awesome name for this blog. Keep them coming; this is getting really fun! :)

Now for some backstory:

I was an intensely angry youth, but I hid it pretty well. I know everyone has a hard time through the teen years, but I took it up a notch. My parents divorced when I was 4, and my dad remarried. He died the summer before I turned 8 yrs old. I had no coping skills to deal with this, so I internalized it.

Things got really complicated at home when I was about ten years old. Without going into details, home lost all safety for me. Even my friends' moms didn't like them coming to my house. They didn't feel it was safe for their children to be there. Not that I had a great many friends, mind you. I liked the loner status--less to explain.

But I was developing a reputation in certain circles because of my temper. Some considered me dangerous when angered. I had developed a habit of bottling my emotions. If something hurt me, or angered me, I'd stuff it into this little bottle in my mind. Except that only works for so long before the emotions start spilling out--usually at bad times.

This is how I coped. I read, a lot. I made up stories and scenarios in my head and acted them out with my dolls, my friends--whatever worked. But it wasn't until I was in high school that I started writing things down. And it was writing that saved my life.

But more about that later. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneek Peek at my Full Cover!

I have been sadly remiss in sharing this with you. A week or so ago, I received the full cover for my book, THE PEASANT QUEEN. Here it is:

This is not the best image, but hopefully you can read it. The copy came to me as a .pdf file, which won't upload as an image to FB or blogger.

Here is a close up of the back cover blurb:

I think it's beautiful :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Surprised, aren't you?

I bet some of you are pretty surprised to see me here, on my self proclaimed posting day, with a new post. I've been so inconsistent I know people have lost faith in my ability to maintain a steady schedule. I know I did. But, here I am!

First, I want to remind everyone of my contest. It's still going on. You have until NOVEMBER 16TH to leave a comment with your suggestion my new blog name. The prize is a copy of my book, THE PEASANT QUEEN--which went to press yesterday. Woohoo!!

Remember to please keep your suggestions clean. I've had a few already--one's a little too long (but sweet, Amie--thank you!), but I think we're going in the right direction. I want to make this a real contest, so don't be shy. Suggest away!

And now, for another poem.


A child alone, a child lost.
In this world tempest tossed.
The tears flowed free, just like a brook
as down the mountain paths it took.
Her smiles were fewer, as tears took hold.
She never really was too bold.
Once in the darkness life had wrought
she saw more pain the more she fought.
And so her struggles began to wane;
she thought them all to be in vain.
She sobbed alone, upon a stone.
If only the poor child had known.
That all the times that she had cried.
It was the Lord who wiped her eyes.

January 22, 1995

You know, I did originally leave this one untitled, but right now, I'm thinking it should be Tempest. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Poetry, and 2 Announcements!

Happy Tuesday! As we careen through October, I thought we'd have a little fun. But, since I don't want my fun to get mixed up with Halloween fun, I'm extending it into November.

So, how about a fun contest? My author blog needs a cool name. An incredibly brilliant author friend of mine suggested "Author Blog" might be a bit boring, but I literally had NOTHING--so I just put up my name. Equally boring.

I'm opening up the floor to suggestions. But, remember, keep it clean. I am a wife, mother, blogger and author of young adult romantic fantasy novels. I'd like to keep to this theme, particularly with emphasis on the writing--since this is my author blog (even if I want a better name for it).

How do you enter? Simple. Just leave a comment on my blog with your suggestions between NOW and NOVEMBER 16TH. On TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23RD I will announce my choice.

And now you're wondering what you could win, aren't you? How about a free, personalized, autographed copy of my debut novel THE PEASANT QUEEN? That's what's up for grabs. So get brainstorming, my friends!

Now for my second announcement. Except for the odd book review, I will be posting on this blog every Tuesday of the week. Here's what you can look forward to in the near future: my personal poetry, tidbits from my writing journey, updates on my book's release and the odd, inspirational thing that may hit me.

And now for another poem: Happy reading!


Oh, if only I could stay,
and watch my child as she plays.
To be a fly upon her wall
seeing her; nothing else at all.
For I know that soon will come
the day when all her playing's done.
But now, in my room so quiet,
I listen to her joyful riot.
Not to intrude, or ruin her fun.
My time is when her playing's done.
My heart, though, would be full today,
if I could watch her as she plays.

January 13, 1996

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"The Secret Place"

Far away from town,
clear of all the roads.
Lies the secret place
that only I know.
In the middle of a field
under the lonely tree
stands a bench for all to see.
But only I can see it
for it lies in my mind,
this single, secret place
that only I can find.
It's where I go when life
heaps too much onto me.
I sit there, in my secret place,
or climb right up the tree.
I hope we all can find
our separate, secret place.
So this, our cold, cruel world
we can learn to face.

November 7, 1994

Friday, October 1, 2010

Does this sound Familiar?

Last night, exhausted and overly reflective perhaps, I got to thinking. Have you ever thought how much the author network of Utah resembles Hollywood?

We have our superstars--our big screen draws--if you will. These are the ones who have written books that appeal to the large, national audience. They're our Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies. (ahem--Brandon Mull, Shannon Hale, James Dashner)

We have our "small screen" authors--those who do very well in the smaller venue of LDS literature and seem content to carve out their niche and stay there. (Anita Stansfield)

Then we have our Broadway stars--those who have national appeal but remain in a smaller venue, in a smaller realm of influence.

And last, we have those like me--the starlets, ready to break out into our first starring role and see where it takes us.

In this reflection, I find myself thoroughly pleased we don't have the worry of Hollywood gossip. I love that private lives stay private and separate from our writing lives. That is the mark of true professionalism.