Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Having Doubts

As the weeks tick by waiting for my publisher to get back to me about The Tyrant King, I find myself dwelling more and more in the world of doubt. I know this is a normal process authors go through, but I doubt it gets easier with time and experience.

Which makes me wonder how much authors are willing to put themselves through, and why?

The first draft of The Peasant Queen that I submitted was roughly 114,000 words. The copy of The Tyrant King that I submitted is about 57,000 words. It doesn't take a math genius to see that's about half the size. Which begs two questions:

Have I really learned to be THAT concise of a storyteller?

Or is it that I've become TOO concise? Am I not telling enough of the story?

Oops--that's three questions.

Forgive me if, for a while, I try to hold my footing while the waves of doubt smash me against the rocks over and over again. Eventually I'll make my way back to solid ground--one way or the other.


Angie said...

I hate those doubting times. I have them so often! Don't worry. I think we have to learn to trust ourselves and our ability to tell stories.

Terron James said...

Doubt not. Fear not.

Canda said...

Well, if it's a normal process and you went through it with Peasant Queen and that turned out great--keep the faith.

Susan Payton said...

Just blogging around and found your blog. Just have faith in yourself about your book, but mainly just enjoy writing it. Life is short. You have a great page here and thank you for letting me visit. I've enjoyed it.
Have fun taking a trivia quiz of a popular seventies sit com Happy Days.


Jackie said...

You love writing or you wouldn't do it well. Don't let doubt steel from you the joy that you found when you discovered these characters. Without your voice they would have never been born and never had the chance to live on paper...and one day in the minds of many. When you count and recount your words, stop and ask yourself why you are counting. After the publishers and the penny counters, no one else will read the words as numbers. I admire your ability to create this kingdom.

Toyin O. said...

I am sure you are a great writer, every great mind goes thru those doubting times:)

Rebecca Dupree said...

Maybe the story is just a shorter tale. I am the opposit of you, I worry if all my short stories are about the same length.

Unknown said...

The most important quality in a successful writer is stubborness. Don't give up!