Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Day

Actually, that was 2 days ago. And I'm really not in any kind of panic. Mostly. :)

It's May now, and we're winding down the school year and my writing time. I don't get any writing done in the summer when the kids are home, so I'm really not planning to do any from May 26th through August 20th (or whenever school starts again). This is a self-preservation technique to save me the stress and aggravation of trying to write and not succeeding.

But my plans have been a little redesigned.

Last week, I posted about my writing doubts while I waited for the publisher to get back to me for The Tyrant King. They did, with a list of suggested changes and a request to resubmit when I make the changes. At first, I was sad. I mean, I didn't WANT to have to do any more work on it, but that night as I was driving (another epic story for another day) to an author event one of the more inspirational songs I use spontaneously played on the radio. For me. I know it was just for me. :) And I'm honest enough to admit my writing isn't perfect, and the story DOES have issues, so I'd much rather fix them now rather than have it published full of plot holes. (slight exaggeration) So while I wait to hear back from my beta readers for my e-book, The Wild Queen, I'm going to work on fixing The Tyrant King--with the hope of resubmitting it by the end of this month.

What has changed? My 3rd planned e-book, The Price of Love, has been put off indefinitely. And I'm not going to start The Lost Princess, my (hopefully) 3rd print book, until I've resubmitted The Tyrant King to the publisher. I'm still hoping to get it all done this month, but I'm also cutting myself a little slack.

I may also be writing a little into June. Hopefully the kids will forgive me. :)


Author Joshua Hoyt said...

I would be so excited just to get a resubmit, but I can understand your disappointment. I think it will be nice for summer less work:)

Maggie said...

I'm also taking summer off. I'm not sure if I'll get to my revisions before my break--in fact, I'm pretty sure I won't, but that's okay. There will be time this fall. Good luck revising and resubmitting. You'll have to let me know how that goes.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Can you believe how quickly the school year is nearly gone? It's bitter sweet. I feel it as a loss of social life for the kids and moving on to a new realm of kids and teachers for the next year, but I DO love having them around all the time!

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